Its that time of year again: Cold and Flu Season

Its that time of year again: Cold and Flu Season

One of the best cold and flu remedies can be made with some at home ingredients.  It will help ward off the cold and flu and if you happen to get sick, this will help ease the symptoms.

This remedy is a tonic called fire cider.  It takes about a month to mature so I would strongly suggest making some tonight! 

Taking fire cider is simple.  Some people take 1 to 2 tablespoons as a preventative and if you have symptoms 1 to 2 tablespoons every three hours.  Additionally, you can take a 1 oz. “wellness shot”, drinking it as a tea making sure to breathe in the steam as you sip, in salads and/or mixing it in orange juice but only put in a small amount.

Now let’s talk about what the tonic entails and how to make it.              

There are several recipes out there and this one is from Rosemary Gladstar’s book, Herbal Recipes For Vibrant Health. This recipe is adapted from her recipe and this one from Mountain Rose Herbs.


½ cup peeled and shredded/diced ginger root

½ cup peeled and shredded/diced horseradish root

½ cup peeled and diced turmeric OR 1/4 cup additional ginger and 1/4 cup additional horseradish

½ cup white onion, chopped

¼ cup minced or crushed garlic cloves

2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped

Zest and juice from 2 organic lemons

Raw apple cider vinegar

Raw, organic honey to taste


Several sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme (optional)

½ teaspoon black peppercorns


Quart-sized jar

Wax paper


Add the ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, jalapeno and lemon juice/zest to a quart-sized jar. Pack them down lightly so that the jar is about 3/4 full. Use a fermenting weight to hold down the veggies/roots, or place heavy roots at the top so that they will weigh down the herbs and jalapenos (which float). Pour a generous amount apple cider vinegar over the roots/vegetables. You want everything to stay under the liquid to prevent spoilage. Keep in mind that some of the roots will expand a little so top it off well.

If you’re using a metal lid, line it with wax paper so that the vinegar doesn’t corrode it, then put the lid on. Place in a dark, room temperature cabinet for 2-4 weeks. (A month is best)

When the cider is ready, shake well and then strain the roots/veggies using a cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve. Add honey to taste and store in the fridge.

Note: Mountain Rose Herbs suggests that you used the strained veggies in stir fry or spring rolls. Yum!

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