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PD Labs, formerly Specialty Compounding LLC, carries high quality pharmaceutical supplements at affordable prices. Some of our supplements are formulated in house or recommended by guest speakers from our nationally broadcasted radio show, Healthy Choices XM. All products are research-centered pharmaceuticals. 

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Learn more about how our patented medicine, Transdermal Verapamil, helps Dupuytren's Disease, Peyronie's Disease, and Plantar Fibromatosis



RG3 Nasal Spray

All of our RG3 nasal sprays include Nicotinamide Riboside, (NR) our unique patent-pending nasal delivery of 20R-Rg3 ginsenoside nasal spray.



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Shop our patented products along research-centered pharmaceuticals recommended by medical experts at affordable prices. 

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To better serve you, our valued customer, we would like to offer you our new mobile service- iRefill. You may now place your prescription orders using your mobile device


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