It’s critical for seniors to properly care for their skin. skin-lasting hydrator provides much needed moisturizing and agents to soothe itching and irritation that often afflicts seniors’ skin.

As we age, our skin naturally becomes dryer. With time, the skin becomes slack, sweat and oil glands shrink reducing natural moisture, and the skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Senior skin often is more susceptible to the sun’s rays and other environmental damage. In addition, many medical problems and their treatments can result in skin problems. So, when you’re being treated for other conditions, remember to take care of your skin and keep it from becoming dehydrated and damaged.

skin-lasting offers an all natural approach to help protect your skin against serious problems in the future. And of course, you can control your diet and lifestyle, which are major factors in caring for your skin. Make skin-lasting part of your daily regimen to hydrate and help protect senior skin.


success stories

The past couple of years, I noticed my skin had begun to change due to aging and the types of skincare products I had used for years. I was experiencing unusual dryness and unwanted aging lines. I began searching for all natural products with no fillers. I was fortunate enough to find an esthetician who actually blends the needed essential oils for specific skin types, without adding preservatives or byproducts. I was thrilled upon finding it. I immediately begin to see a difference in my skin, getting the results I had hoped for.


“I gave skin-lasting to my 78 year old mother who could not sleep at night because of the dry skin on her legs would wake her up in the middle of the night. She tried it before she went to bed and slept thru the night. She is

now using it every day and no longer has dry, flaky, or itchy skin. Thanks Skin-Lasting!” Amy S., TX


My mother is in an assisted living home. She perspires under her bra and gets what looks like a rash. The nurse was going to call the doctor to order a prescription and I remembered reading that skin lasting had fungicides in it. We sprayed it on her and within 2 days the problem was completely gone. We also use it for her severe dry skin and pink patches when she sits for long periods of time in the chair.”

Susan S., TX