Skinlasting- Ichthyosis Skin

If the products you're using now aren't doing what you need, try skin-lasting for your dry, itchy skin.


skin-lasting hydrators are also very effective in helping extremely dry, flaky, and itching skin that may be a condition called ichthyosis or “fish scale skin.” In some circles it’s called “whole body dandruff”. Most of the time it never gets an official diagnosis because it is just considered to be very dry skin. There is no known cure for the condition which can be hereditary. Often children who exhibit the condition outgrow it.

Skin-lasting hydrator can bring almost instant relief to the condition by hydrating the skin and relieving the itching that goes with this extreme dryness.

Because skin-lasting penetrates to your lower layers of skin, it provides longer lasting relief than conventional lotion based moisturizers that only work on the surface skin layers and use oil, parables, or petroleum bases.


Success Story

“I have had dry skin all my life, having a condition called Ichthyosis (fish-scale skin) and have tried every lotion on the market, including hydrocortisone creams. In recent years, I have tried to avoid the petroleum based products. This has made my quest even more difficult. skin-lasting’s moisturizer not only relives the dry skin and itching, but it’s not oily. In the winter, I become so dry that a rash develops that is even more miserable. This past winter I used the moisturizer daily and the rash disappeared. I will continue to use it and recommend it to everyone I know.” Larry L., AK