About Us-PD Labs

PD Labs is a full-service specialty compounding pharmacy and Cedar Park's wellness center. We compound various highly specialized formulations for mold, Lyme, CIRS, autism, pain, and different tablet formulas, as well as other areas. 

We are a nationally licensed research-based specialty pharmacy. We have exclusive formulations of the patented Synapsin/ NR nasal spray, patented transdermal 15% verapamil, and VIP nasal spray. You can learn more about our proprietary formulas here.

PD Labs carries professional-grade pharmaceutical supplements at affordable prices. Some of our supplements are formulated in house or recommended by guest speakers from our nationally broadcasted radio show, Healthy Choices XM, hosted by Ray Solano. All products are research-centered pharmaceuticals. 

Our staff consists of only the most advanced qualified registered pharmacists, doctors of pharmacy, and certified compounding pharmacy technicians. We are a charter member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) more than 26 years ago. All of our compounding professionals voluntarily attend every training and symposium for continuing education to stay current on the latest compounding techniques. Our standards, commitment and service are unparalleled.  

We are here to provide competitive pricing, timely solutions and custom formulations. We look forward to meeting your professional healthcare needs.