Studies have shown that diabetic skin requires particular care to avoid complications resulting in painful skin inflammation, ulcers, infection and fungal outbreaks.* Not to mention the dryness caused by compromised circulation, medications and swelling to stretch the skin resulting in thinner skin that is prone to itching and tearing.


How do diabetics benefit from skin-lasting?

  • skin-lasting contains no oils, fats or petroleum to seal in bacteria or fungus
  • Rapidly hydrates to provide relief from dryness with longer lasting relief
  • skin-lasting can easily and quickly relieve the pain of cracked, brittle, dry skin
  • Can soothe the tight feeling from edema or swelling of extremities and feet
  • Easily applied to hard-to-reach areas with an easy-to-use spray
  • Soothing and helpful in reducing rash, irritation and fungal infections in skin creases and folds


Why are fats, oils (and petroleum-related products) so dangerous to diabetic skin?

  • Dry skin is caused by water loss in the skin, not by a need for more oil— treating with oil or fat based products alone can worsen the condition by sealing in bacteria and fungus.*
  • Fats and oils in skincare products clog skin pores and reduce healthy function of the sweat glands, which are already compromised by diabetes.*
  • Petroleum products can “trap” bacteria and fungus on the skin.


*Supporting materials by Dr. Dolf Kunzel


Success Story

“I am a diabetic with fragile, dry skin. I have tried many creams, used them several times a day, but still have dry, tight skin a few hours later. I get fungus between my toes and my legs are swollen, so I can’t reach my feet. With Skin-lasting I can just spray and it helps my problems go away. My pharmacist recommended this product and I am very happy with it.”

Alice B., GA

skin-lasting has been accepted to be a vendor at the American Diabetes Expos