Psoriasis is a skin disease that is marked by red, scaly patches characterized by extreme itching. Although physicians have not found a cure for the disease, they have made great strides in its treatment.

skin-lasting® has been shown to be helpful in relieving the extreme itching of psoriasis and helps the sloughing of dead skin. Many of our users have had terrific results in helping their psoriasis, however individual reactions vary.

skin-lasting makes no claims of a cure for psoriasis, but in many cases it can make a marked difference in user comfort.

skin-lasting contains all natural ingredients including botanicals that hydrate and soothe the skin and help promoting healing. Chamomile, calendula, aloe vera and echinacea are present to reduce inflammation and help relieve itching. Natural vegetable glycerin promotes moisture retention and softening of the skin, and lactic acid promotes antibacterial action and exfoliation. Hyaluronic acid softens, helps moisture retention and helps promote healing.

Psoriasis should have the attention of a physician, and skin-lasting can be a big help.

Success Stories

“I used skin-lasting for my long term severe psoriasis to help with the itching. It helped me more than any other product I have ever used, even doctor recommended ones. I am sold!” Bill G., NC


“I have been suffering from tremendously dry skin on the palm of my hands and the bottom of my feet as a result of Lupus. I have had many sleepless nights being awakened by the burning on my feet, having to get up, apply cream to cool them, only to wake up a few hours later and repeat the procedure. Then I tried skin-lasting and for the first time I was able to get a full night’s rest in over three years! Amazed at the results, I gave some to two of my friends. One of which is undergoing chemotherapy and the other suffers from Psoriasis. Both have had the same results as I. Alba J., TX


“My daughter has been diagnosed with psoriasis and has tried several prescriptions. Nothing has really worked until finding skin-lasting. In one day we could tell a difference. I decided to send you the pictures after just one week. It really has made a big improvement on her knees, not sure how good it comes through on the pics, but she is no longer dry and scaly with open sores – I did a letter to her dermatologist.” Stephanie, NC


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