H100 ™

Authentic H100 ™ Gel, created by Hybrid Medical, is available only from PD Labs and must be dispensed from PD Labs directly to your patient. 

Developing H100 ™ to find a Peyronie’s disease (PD) treatment that could help men suffering from Acute phase/stage disease when PD is developing. Peyronie’s disease involves a cascade of events in which trauma leads to inflammation, which leads to scar tissue development. Changing the natural course of this cascade was the focus of our research.

This Peyronie’s disease treatment should target inflammation, scar tissue remodeling, and plaque development. As documented in prior independent studies, Nicardipine and Superoxide dismutase can accomplish this. To ensure these ingredients are delivered deep within the tissue, not just on the surface, we combined these ingredients with ultra-purified emu oil. It contains the fatty acids necessary to be an effective carrier agent.

The results have been positive, statistically improving penile curvature, stretched penile length, and pain reduction. Rash was the only side effect in about 10% of patients.

Maximum benefit was seen after six months of treatment with H100 ™, though many patients noted improvement after three months of H100 ™ Peyronie’s disease treatment. Every person reacts differently to different treatments. Patients usually try H100 ™ for three months and, if they remain stable or improve, then continue for a total of six months.

To read about the H100™ study, click here.   

Prescribing authentic H100™ Gel can be accomplished in one of two simple ways:

  • Fax a prescription to PD Labs at 1-866-687-2217. PD Labs can provide pre-printed fax forms to simplify the process upon request.

  • Call in a verbal prescription to PD Labs at 1-800-687-9014.

PD Labs will contact the patient upon receipt of the prescription to answer questions about the medication, counsel the patient on the proper use of the medication, describe possible side effects, and arrange for payment and shipping of the medication. Written detailed instructions and informational materials are provided to all patients upon filling their prescription. A PD Labs pharmacist will review all patient information before filling the prescription and will contact the physician and patient if there are any contraindications or concerns (more contraindication and side effect information here). PD Labs counsels every patient on the proper use of the medication and establishes monitoring parameters regarding the patient's condition so that a pharmacist may follow up with the patient on the drug's effectiveness.

Please be sure to include your patient's demographic information with their prescription to help expedite the ordering process.