Services- PD Labs

Our Specialties

Our team of compounding pharmacists and technicians have developed the one and only patented formula to enhance cognitive functionality using Synapsin, a ginsenocide found in panex ginseng. This formula has a variety of uses for assisting brain trauma patients, PTSD patients, cortisol imbalances and spectrum disorder patients.

We also specialize in Metabolic Code formulations supporting the protocols of Dr. Andy Heyman and Dr. Jim Lavalle.

Our unique compounds include: 

  • Alpha GPC formula used to enhance cognitive functionality.

  • Nicotinamide Riboside sublingual drops and nasal sprays used to assist in repairing the adrenals.

  • Personalized topical pain creams and gels that are unique combinations of analgesics, anti-inflammatories and natural ingredients.

  • BEG Nasal Spray

  • Naltrexone (low dose) Capsules

  • Glutathione Transdermal Gel

  • Oral Dissolving Tablets (ODT) - We make various formulations in a tablet delivery system, such as Oxytocin, HCG and Methylcobalamin/B12.



Compounding is the art of preparing a custom drug using pure, pharmaceutical grade raw materials/products in agreement with a physician's prescription that is based on an individual patient's needs. When working in the compounding profession, there is a certain "triad" that is followed, patient, prescriber, and pharmacist. In the triad, a physician determines the patients needs, chooses a course of therapy, which may include a compounded medication. A patient gets the dispensed medication after going through a thorough consultation.
We make prescriptions and nutraceuticals from the pure chemical powder to meet our patients unique needs. We are able to change dosage forms, make medications that are no longer commercially available, and combine compatible medications for easier administration. By starting with individual ingredients, we can make prescriptions more palatable and cut out fillers that patients may be sensitive to. Tastier, allergen-free medicine means better patient compliance!