History of skin-lasting

The skin-lasting formula was developed by a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sam Thompson, for his patients and was made in compounding pharmacies by prescription. It was used for conditions like acne and severe dry skin from topical retinoid medications and oral anitbiotics. He wanted a product that was oil free, didn’t clog the pores, and restored the skin’s natural moisturizing components. Dr. Thompson and other dermatologists began prescribing it to a wide variety of patients; people with diabetes and others with edema, seniors, people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, sunburn, and patients who were wheelchair or hospital bound to aid their dry skin. Skin-lasting is available over the counter through pharmacies, physician’s offices, estheticians, medical supply stores, and health food stores nationwide, as well as online to consumers. The formula was enhanced in 2008 with added botanicals. DISCOVER THE LASTING DIFFERENCE WITH SKIN-LASTING TODAY!