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Each week we will cover new topics ranging from healthcare news, trends, seasonal remedies and healthy options. Join Host and Clinical Pharmacist Ray Solano, as he interviews leading physicians, researchers and authors from around the globe on the hottest topics in health and medicine, as well as taking your questions live. Co-hosts are always outstanding local practitioners, including doctors of pharmacy, naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors and homeopaths. 

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THIS WEEK - October 13, 2018

An estimated 20 million americans have some form of thyroid disease and up to 60 percent are unaware of their conditions.  The American Thyroid Association  says the cause of thyroid problems is unknown .

Join us this Saturday at 6pm EST for a special edition of HealthyChoicesXM on Family Talk 131 as Dr Ken Knott, nationally recognized expert in treating thyroid conditions, shares his clinical tips to help men and women with hormone balance. 

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