Can taking a probiotic supplement enhance vaccine and immunotherapy outcomes

SOur microbiome, or the complex community of microscopic entities that reside in our intestines, comprises a sophisticated immune system that protects us from "bad bugs," while allowing tolerance to foods and environments. This system makes up a hugely important part of our immune system. The microbiome acts to protect us by physically preventing pathogens (bad germs) from adhering in the body and, by triggering more systemic, whole-body immune system activation.
Positive vaccine outcomes rely heavily on a healthy host immune system; the healthier our immune system, the better we can respond to a vaccine. So, it only makes sense that a healthy microbiome will be a major factor in determining how effective a vaccine is for each of us. 
Now, microbiomes are as varied as we are as people, and there are more and less healthy microbiomes. We can influence the health of our microbiome by taking probiotic supplements and supporting those probiotics with prebiotic fiber from healthy foods and supplements. 
This review article looked at many studies that suggest that concurrent administration of probiotic supplements can help support and enhance the effectiveness of vaccines.
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